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Vigan City
Spanish Colonial Town in Philippines

One of the famous and must see tourist destination in Vigan City is the Baluarte Zoo. It is an interactive wildlife sanctuary and facility, with breathtaking view of its dominating scenetic boulders amidst tress and greens in the heart of Vigan, Ilocos.

Baluarte is owned by Ilocos Sur Governor Luis “Chavit” Singson and is located at Salindeg.  Governor Singson dedicated this wildlife sanctuary to facilitating education, conservation and protection of endangered species and wildlife. The Baluarte is approximately 80 Hectares of terrains, hills and mountains sides that serve as habitat for Gov. Singson personal collection of wild animals, most prominent of which are Ostriches.

At first you would think as if you’re in Jurassic Park because of a life-size Alamosauros Dinosaur Statue located at the entrance. Inside the zoo you will see a lot of animals actually roam free within walk areas as the guest.

Everyday there is an animal show open for public where visitors can play, touch, feed and take a picture with them on some animals like Bengal Tiger, Monkeys, Parrots, Pythons and many more. Other exotic animals that can be found here are Ostriches, Deer, Giraffes, Camel, Tortoise, Iguana, and different kinds of birds.

One of the attractions in the Zoo is the butterfly garden where visitors can observe thousands of butterflies, some endemic to the Philippines or have more serene interaction with animal species. Visitors may choose also to visit and feed parrots and hornbills that are placed in a more open area, you can openly approach them with bananas and seeds.

Aside from mini zoo visitors will surely enjoy the track for horse riding, Pink Chapel and a skeet shooting range. Entering Baluarte Zoo is free of charge, no entrance fee and is open daily from 7AM – 6PM.

Welcome to Baluarte Zoo