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The province of Batangas is extremely proud to have rich history and cultural heritage. Old Churches, basilicas, historical landmarks, shrines and old Spanish houses are found in Taal, Mabini, Lipa City and Batangas City. Some architecture and well preserved ancestral houses like Taal Heritage Village during Pre Spanish Times can also be found here.

Batangas is also the home of the famous Taal Volcano, one of the Decade Volcanoes and smallest volcanoes in the country. Taal Volcano has a water-filled crater and sits on an island in the center of Taal Lake. It became the perfect place for trekkers and can be access by boat.

One of the famous and popular tourist destinations in the Philippines is the province of Batangas. It is located in the south-western part of Luzon in CALABARZON Region with a land area of 316,580 hectares. It is composed of 3 major cities and 31 municipalities. The capital is  Batangas City and its surrounded by the provinces of Laguna and Cavite to the north and Quezon to the east.

Batangas is one of the famous tourist destinations near Metro Manila. World-class Beaches, friendly people and excellent Diving Spots are the reason why it became the favourite place of most backpackers and travellers. Some of the famous diving spots in Batangas are Anilao in the Municipality of Mabini, Matangbukay in the Municipality of Lian,  Punta Fuego in the Municipality of Nasugbu, Laiya and  Calatagan in the Municipality of San Juan.


Batangas is widely known as the “Heart of the Tagalog Language” as the dialect of Tagalog spoken here closely resembles the Tagalog spoken before the Pre Spanish Times. There are two distinct season in Batangas, Dry Season which comes from month of Febraury to April and Rainy Seasons start from July to October. Best time to visit Batangas is during months of December and January where it has a cool season. Batangeños are friendly and festive people. Many local and foreign tourists visit this place each year to witness and join Parada ng Lechon or Roasted Pig Parade. Tapusan in Alitagtag is also a famous festival in Batangas. It is a religious festival where teens dressed in colourful and exotic dresses  to join in the street dancing.

The province of Batangas  is approximately 100Km south of Manila. It is accessible by land transportation from Manila. There are several bus services leaving from the bus terminal in Pasay and Manila.  The bus travel time will take only 2 -3 hours.

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