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Corregidor is widely known as “ The Rock” because it is surrounded by  rocky landscape  and the fortification of Fort Mills. Corregidor is rich in history and culture. It became the nerve centre of the island during World War II.  Headquarters, barracks of soldiers, officer quarters, traditional parade grounds are located here. Corregidor was fortified with several coastal artillery and ammunition magazines to defend the entrance of Manila Bay and the Philippines.

The American and Filipino soldiers combined force to make their last stand in Corregidor against the Japanese Invaders. Many monuments of the Second World War still remain and proclaim as National Shrines in the Philippines. One of the famous historical spots in Corregidor is the Manila Tunnel, an underground network of tunnels designed as a tunnel system to facilitate movement safe from air and bomb attacks. The Eternal Flame Monument is also located near this historical spots.  Another popular historical spots is the Filipinos Heroes Memorial, it’s a new structure in Corregidor Island that features murals of Philippine heroic battles from the past.   

Corregidor is one of the famous tourist destinations in the Philippines as a historic site during WORLD WAR II. It served as a fortress guarding the entrance to Manila Bay against the Japanese army.  Corregidor, is a small rocky tadpole shape island that lies on the south western part of Batan Peninsula. Its tail runs eastward with a land area of 9 square kilometres.  It is approximately 26 mile west of Manila,  and  is part of the Municipality of Cavite. Corregidor was derived from the Spanish word “ corregir “ which means to correct. According to the story, all ships docking at Manila bay were required by the Spanish soldiers to be checked and updated, so than the island was name Isla del Corregidor”. Other people also believe that the island was use as a correctional institution by the Spaniards and came to be “EL Corregidor”.

The Rock

Nowadays, Corregidor is one of the famous popular historical sites in the country. The island is divided into sections and the head is called Topside. It is the main part of the island where headquarters, barracks, quarters,  monuments, memorial park, parade grounds and golf course are located. There is also what they called “Middleside” where campsite, aviary, Bird Park and some war ruins can be found. At the Bottomside of the island is where some famous hotels, commercial buildings, Gen. Mac Arthur Park, Gen Wainwright Park and San Jose Chaper are located. Sun Cruises is an air conditioned ferry that departs daily at 8:00 am from CCP terminal A at CCP Complex, Roxas Boulevard, Manila and returns in the afternoon. There are also package tour offer by Sun Cruise which include a roundtrip ferry boat transfer, shrine and terminal fees, lunch and tour guide going to Corregidor. Its booking office can be contacted at 831-8140 or 834-6857.