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Vigan City
Spanish Colonial Town in Philippines

Another famous tourist attraction in Vigan City is the Simbaan sa Bassit y Camposanto. It is a cemetery chapel built in 1852. It is dedicated to Santo Cristo also known in Ilocos as “Apo Lakay”, this is the only chapel in Ilocos that has a beautiful espanada hung with bells. What makes it unique is the statue of the crucified Christ found  inside the main altar.

Apo Lakay who is believed to save Vigan’s populace from a plague in 1756 and 1882. Since then locals offered prayers and held processions during both times in supplication. Their prayers to the Black Nazarene were immediately answered.

The chapel’s marker bears that the cemetery was blessed by Rev. Vicente Barreiro on Nov. 9, 1852 but the chapel’s interior now looks modern with all the repairs done through years. Simbaan a Bassit literally means “Small Church”. Since it’s a small church it can only accommodate up to 100 people.

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