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There are so many places to stay in Tagaytay since it is a popular summer tourist destination in the country. Many hotels, resorts and inns are along Aguinaldo Highway offering comfortable and affordable rooms for tourist who wants to stay over night. Most of these provide a magnificent view of Taal Lake and Volcano. Most of the hotels and resorts have a full service bar and restaurant. With the influx of local and foreign visitors, many restaurants and bars offers a wide spectrum of different menus. There are so many dining options in Tagatay City and most of the restaurants are all walking distances from some of the tourist spots. Every Hotel and resort runs its own restaurant that offers a wide selection of French cuisines, Swiss food, several Italian Restaurant, local Philippines foods, Chinese, Korean and Thai Food.

Tagaytay City offers a romantic nature view and relaxing mountain breeze. It is a vantage point of the famous Taal Lake and Volcano. Taal Volcano is known to be the world’s smallest active volcanoes. Since 1952, Taal Volcano has had over 20 violent eruptions and causes small amount of lava and mud flow into the surrounding villages. Tourist who would love to have a trip to the volcano island can arrange a trip in the middle of the Taal Lake. The city of Tagaytay played a significant role in the Philippine History. It was used as a shelter and a hideout for revolutionaries from Luzon during 1896 Revolution. Revolutionaries found refuge in its vast forest and ridges. Tagaytay City was used as a landing site for Filipino soldiers on their way to liberate Manila.

Tagatay City is the most popular tourist destination in the Philippines . It is a 3rd class city in the beautiful province of Cavite, Philippines. Tagatay is about 56 Kilometres south of Manila and located about 2,250 feet above sea level.   

Tagatay City overlooks Taal Lake in Batangas, provide the iconic views of the famous Taal Volcano and the beautiful view of several vantage city’s Tagatay City is a popular summer tourist destination with its outstanding scenery and cool climate due to its high altitude. The city is endowed with invigorating climate with an average temperature of 22 C. The weather for the entire year stay calm, the humidity is low and rainfall is abundant, making Tagatay an ideal place for a great vacation.

Taal Volcanoe

Aside from Taal Volcano, another tourist attraction in Tagaytay is the “Palace in the Sky”. It is situated at the top of the highest ridge in the area and it was built during the Marcos Administration. Before it was designed as presidential guesthouses know to be the Peoples Park. Palace in the Sky offers a view of the whole province of Cavite and Batangas. IT also offers a enchanting view of Taal Volcano and its surroundings. One of the famous and biggest schools of theology in Southeast Asia called Divine Word Seminary is also one of the oldest religious institutions in the City.

Tagatay is approximately 56Km away from Manila and will take about one and half hours travel time to reach City. There are several Public Buses from Manila that have daily trips to Tagatay either via SLEX where you get off at Santa Rosa Exit or Coastal Road Express Way and the Aguinaldo Highway. From Tagaytay City you can also view Manila Bay, Laguna De Bay to the east and South China Sea in the north.

Tagaytay City
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